Guided Meditations
by Teal Swan

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Created by Spiritual luminary, Teal Swan, this album is a variety of guided meditations and visualizations that span the spectrum of Self Discovery and Self Mastery. They all serve to improve the feeling quality of your life.

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Guided Meditations by Teal Swan

Amazing! Listening to this meditation while visualizing the area around me gave me an indescribable feeling! I thought I'd never go this deep and I did! Meet with your spirit guide.


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Light Healing Meditation

This meditation is a healing meditation through and through. It uses the power of the mind to heal the body by guiding the listener through a process of using light to create healing, vitality and wholeness within their body. As you listen to this meditation, your vibration naturally rises which both prevents ailments from impacting your body and restores your body to a state of wellbeing.

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Tree Meditation

This meditation grounds you and allows you to see the bigger picture. It guides you through the process of entraining with your own special tree and then merging with that tree in order to see life through its eyes. Trees are the teachers of timeless wisdom, eternal life, strength, stability and allowing. By becoming the tree, we are imbued with these immense qualities. This meditation is especially beneficial for anyone who is dealing with ‘drama’ in his or her life.

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Stress Relief Meditation

This meditation is designed to guide you through the process of letting go of all resistance and tension in your being, so that you may find a state of ease and relaxation. It is a particularity good meditation for anyone who carries stress within his or her body and longs for the sensation of peace.

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Feel Good Meditation

This meditation is designed to induce states of positive emotion, ease and optimism. In this meditation, we release worries, unwanted thoughts and emotions until we are left in a state of clarity and stillness. From there, we become aware of wellbeing and personal choice; and ultimately, we are led into a state of positive expectation and we begin to feel good.

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Forgiveness Meditation

This meditation helps us to cultivate forgiveness in three directions, towards those we have hurt, towards others who have hurt us and towards ourselves. By practicing forgiveness, we are setting ourselves free from the past. We are free to move forward and create the life we truly desire.

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Financial Abundance Meditation

This meditation causes us to vibrate at the frequency of financial abundance and wealth. By vibrating at the frequency of wealth, we allow opportunities for wealth to come into our lives. This meditation teaches us how to think about money so as to allow it into our lives and it also helps us to manifest what we truly desire, that we “need money to get”.

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Healthy Boundaries Meditation

To have healthy boundaries is to have a sense of self that uniquely defines and separates your personal happiness, your personal integrity, your personal desires, your personal needs and therefore most importantly, your personal truth from the rest of the universe. This meditation is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself. This meditation teaches you how to be present with the truth of how you feel, and cultivate a sense of self, even in the face of opposition. It is designed to help you cultivate healthy boundaries.

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Spirit Guide Meditation

In this meditation, we enter into visualization, where we create a ‘mind scape’ that allows our principal spirit guide to interact with us directly. After meeting our spirit guide, we receive key insight for our current life and allow ourselves to experience the feeling of unconditional guidance, support and love that our spirit guide has to offer.

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Spirit Animal Meditation

Many indigenous tribes believe that your spirit animal is your “animal equivalent”. In cultures that openly practiced shape shifting, it was believed that this is the animal that you would shape shift into once you learned how to change forms. This meditation is designed to create an interaction between you and your spirit animal so that you can discover what your spirit animal is and so that you can begin to embody the special gifts and metaphysical energies that belong to it; and vicariously you as a result of having this specific animal as your spirit animal.

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Openness Meditation

This meditation is designed to move the listener from a state of constriction, containment and closed-ness to a state of openness. In this meditation, the listener uses the visualization of blooming roses to open each chakra. They then welcome and breathe energy in and out of each chakra. Once the meditator is in this receptive space, they then dissolve the barrier between themselves and other people and open themselves to the experience of the world.

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I've tried many meditations from several spiritual teachers…healing, financial abundance, stress relief, spirit guides, for good sleep and relaxation… Some of them were good, even great and very helpful sometimes. Some of them not so much. It is said that everybody has their own perspective of perceiving reality and therefore meditation too is a matter of choice. It doesn't have to suit everyone.


I had an extraordinary experience that woke me up to feeling more clear and calm. Teal's lovely voice guided me gently, finding exactly what I needed.


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Guided Meditations by Teal Swan

Contents of the bundle

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  1. Light Healing Meditation 21:38
  2. Tree Meditation 22:14
  3. Stress Relief Meditation 33:48
  4. Feel Good Meditation 29:09
  5. Forgiveness Meditation 38:56
  6. Financial Abundance Meditation 22:33
  7. Healthy Boundaries Meditation 42:14
  8. Spirit Guide Meditation 22:02
  9. Spirit Animal Meditation 24:56
  10. Openness Meditation 47:54

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Contents of the superbundle

You will get all 10 guided meditations and E-book "The Sculptor in the Sky"! Once you order it you will receive an e-mail with all the download links.

  • 10x Guided Meditations
  • 1x E-book "The Sculptor in the Sky"

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You can learn more about Teal on her main website or on her social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google+.

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Guided Meditations Bundle

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  1. Light Healing Meditation
  2. Tree Meditation
  3. Stress Relief Meditation
  4. Feel Good Meditation
  5. Forgiveness Meditation
  6. Financial Abundance Meditation
  7. Healthy Boundaries Meditation
  8. Spirit Guide Meditation
  9. Spirit Animal Meditation
  10. Openness Meditation

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